Introduction: How to Buy the best smartphone

Smartphones became the dominant mobile device employed in the Philippines these days. As of March 2015, the Philippines is currently the third-largest marketplace for smartphones in the geographic region. With Facebook and YouTube among the highest five social media apps utilized by Filipinos these days, it’s very little marvel that the aim of the portable has gone on the far side of the essential requirements of texting and line of work.


In the associate degree age, wherever best smartphones rule the market, there are totally different models with their own benefits. High definition cameras, higher space for storing, and a lot of memory area units are some of the various options we tend to get pleasure from.

The question then is, what specs ought to we tend to be wanting at? Finally, new models are invariably being discharged into the market.

Here area unit ten of the foremost crucial specs that we want to envision before shopping for a smartphone:


Battery Life


This is arguably the foremost crucial aspect—after all, the best smartphone is simply pretty much as good as its battery capacity. For easier reference, makers sometimes live battery performance in milliampere-hours (mAh). On average, smartphone phone battery capacities will begin from 1700mAh and may go all the high to 5000mAh of the Asus Zenfone scoop.

Some brands additionally state what number of hours a phone will last on standby, talk, or media playback. How much power you would like depends on your way. If you’re not significant on apps and simply want one thing straightforward, anyplace up to 2000mAh is sometimes enough for the day.

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If you’re the kind of UN agency that frequently plays games or uses various apps, then a phone with the next battery capability is the one you would like.


Operating System


Whether you favor robots or iOS, every software system has its own advantages. Android offers you a lot of management over the apps you wish and the way your phone interface works. you’ll modify the app launcher, transfer totally different themes, and even install totally different apps that don’t essentially come back from Google Play Store.


On the other hand, iOS offers you a centralized supply for your apps and content. In contrast to robot smartphones, files are a unit loaded to the iPhone victimization iTunes rather than a customary file. The iOS App Store is additionally the only real supplier of applications that your iPhone can use, creating it easier for you to look and add apps to your library. Whether you wish for the pliability of robots or the simplicity of Apple, it’s entirely up to your preferences.




No matter how updated your software system is, your phone’s processor must continue with it so as to run the phone swimmingly. once checking for the smartphone’s processor, the number of cores, and also the clock speed area unit what you would like to observe out for. More cores enable the phone to run a lot of processes and functions.

Phones will begin from a twin-core processor, just like the iPhone 6S 16GB. Higher-end phones will have a maximum amount of up to eight cores, just like the Asus ZenFone two optical device six.0 (ZE601KL). Meanwhile, the clock speed determines how briskly your device will work.

At least 1.84 gigahertz is that the counseled minimum for average users to run their

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social media apps and create calls while not an excessive amount of hassle.




Your phone’s RAM is crucial to the multitasking component. From basic software system functions to games, every app desires a touch of memory to perform. The more memory you have, the more apps you’ll run on your phone. Usually, phones with a minimum of 2GB value of RAM are enough for everyday tasks.

If you’re an important user of apps and games, then contemplate investing in a very phone with over

4GB of RAM thus you’ll run a lot of applications all at a similar time.


Phone Screen Size


Smartphones have gotten larger, at the side of their screens. Those that watch tons of films and play games will change the use of the alphabet just like the Samsung Galaxy Note five, whereas casual users will deal with one thing smaller for everyday social media use and texting.


The trade-off isn’t solely the necessity to use 2 hands to control your phone. Another issue to require note of is that the battery draws. Huge screens demand a lot of power than smaller screens with similar specifications.

This downside may well be addressed with a much bigger battery, thus you ought to check your potential phone’s power capability likewise.


SD Card Storage


This is a feature exclusive to robot phones. Having an associate degree Mount Rushmore State card slot permits you to store a lot of files, despite your phone’s internal storage capability. The advantage is that you just don’t need to dispense more cash for a replacement phone after you solely want a lot of storage.

Betting on your phone, the expandable memory performance will add anywhere from 8GB of additional area, to 200GB just like the Samsung Galaxy S7. And the call to feature a lot of storage is up to you. Generally, apps run quicker if they’re put in on your phone, deed the Mount Rushmore State Card free for your music and photos. If you’re significant on apps or photos, then taking this route is very counseled.

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Internet Connections


Best Smartphones are heavily obsessed with wireless local area networks and mobile information. Apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Viber want them to perform, whereas games want a web affiliation to synchronize to servers.


While most smartphones will hook up with the net, not all of them have 4G LTE, which is the new normal for mobile networks. This offers speeds of up to four Mbps, the property you browse online quicker than before. The Samsung Galaxy J5 is one such phone that provides this at the side of a knowledge saver, creating your net browsing a lot more efficiently.


Wireless Connections



Aside from net connections, you’ll additionally use your best smartphone to transfer information and files from one device to the opposite. As far as connections go, Bluetooth is the current normal that permits your phone to transfer files and remotely hook up with totally different gadgets.

These embody headphones, laptops, and speakers. Newer phones additionally use a close to Field Communication(NFC) chip to act with different objects. It’s employed in the “Android Beam” feature for file transfer, wireless payment terminals, and even data hubs at holidaymaker attractions.

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