Despite being the foremost fashionable manufacturer of golem phones, Samsung typically gets a foul rap from traditionalist golem enthusiasts. it always comes all the way down to the company’s departure from Google’s pure, “stock” golem expertise. Still, one person’s bloat is another person’s helpful feature set.


As a former element booster UN agency recently switched to the Galaxy line, I’ve begun to return around to the additional additions within the company’s phones. Ignoring a number of the additional obvious duplicated features—like the Bixby voice assistant and Samsung Pay—their square measure some extremely handy additions in Samsung’s One UI that square measure value looking for.

Most phones yield some cool gestures, like sound on the screen to wake it up, or double-tapping the house button to open the camera quickly. Samsung phones have a wider choice than most stock automaton phones, though.


Smart Stay, as an example, uses the selfie camera to notice once you’re gazing at the screen, and switch it off after you look. sensible Alert can vibrate your phone after you choose it up once missing notifications. verify Settings > Advanced options > Motions and Gestures for all the choices offered on your device.

Look, phones of late square measure too damn huge. Even the unimaginable Hulk couldn’t reach the corner of the Galaxy Note ten with one thumb. Thankfully, Samsung enclosed a One-Handed Mode in its Advanced options. With a straightforward gesture, you’ll briefly shrink your screen to the lowest corner therefore you’ll reach everything with one hand.


While the constituent and different phones would possibly permit you to shrink the keyboard, Samsung takes it a welcome step additional (though there square measure third-party apps that imitate this feature on different devices).

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Stock automaton helps you to schedule its blue-light-filtering Night light-weight from sunset to sunrise, however, it can’t presently schedule dark mode. On a Samsung phone, you can: simply head to Settings > show > Night Mode and set it to show on at sunset. This feature is crucial if you don’t wish to be blind by your screen at the hours of darkness.

All golem phones enable you to grant individual contacts their own ringtone, thus you recognize who’s the job before you cross-check the screen. Most golem phones don’t, however, enable you to line custom vibration patterns, thus you’ll feel who’s a job from your pocket. Samsung permits you to try and do this by gap a contact’s card and sound Edit > read a lot of. If you scroll down, you’ll notice the choice to customize their vibration pattern. There are solely 5 choices, and it solely works for calls—not texts—but it’s still one thing.

The Quick Settings panel—which you’ll be able to access by pull the notification drawer down twice—is one of my favorite mechanical man options. whereas stock mechanical man packs heaps of utility in here, Samsung adds even a lot of, together with a Scan QR Code possibility, a toggle for Always-on show, and shortcuts to heaps of alternative Samsung-exclusive options.


You can add even a lot of with the third-party Tiles app, however Samsung’s inbuilt choices ar handy enhancements yet.

.The Bixby button had a rough beginning, however, Samsung finally acquiesced to user demand. In Samsung’s Advanced options, you’ll notice a Bixby Key choice that enables you to open apps or run commands, either with one or double press. That additional button appeared thus silly initially, however currently it’s pretty handy.

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Apps like Tasker and IFTTT have long allowed you to change your phone, however, Samsung’s Bixby Routines offer some very easy if-this-then-that formula creation. you’ll be able to alter your settings at an exact time of day, modification your lock screen shortcuts whenever you’re driving, silence your phone after you attain a particular location and a lot additional. It’s aloof from the sole automation tool on the golem, however, it’s constitutional and straightforward to use on Samsung devices.


I long for the times once phones had removable batteries, earphone jacks, and American state cards for expandable storage. whereas these options area units still on the market in some budget phones, most flagship devices have eschewed them in favor of higher water resistance and sleeker styles.


Samsung has a minimum of unbroken American state card slot, though, therefore you’ll be able to add additional storage if you begin running out of the house. And at solely $20 for 128GB, that’s a giant money-saver compared to makers that cause you to pay a lot upfront for additional storage (I’m staring at you, Apple and Google). I invariably unloved however Samsung flipped its bottom-row buttons, golf shot the rear button on the correct rather than the quality left aspect. Now, not solely have I come back around to the current orientation—it’s easier to succeed in with one hand—but in Settings > show > Navigation Bar, you’ll be able to switch the order to the additional ancient vogue, or select newer gesture-style navigation. I’m not as huge of a mobile gamer as I once was, however, Samsung’s Game Launcher app has some helpful options for people who play heaps. you’ll be able to link your Discord account to ascertain what your friend’s area unit enjoying, activate “Game Booster” settings like floating shortcuts and battery-saving modes, and even mute your game’s sounds while not muting the remainder of your phone. While several apps provide fast actions through their notifications—like replying to a text while not gap the Messages app—sometimes you would like additional. Samsung’s good Pop-Up read permits you to show associate app’s notifications into a pop-up bubble.

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Find the setting in your phone’s Advanced options and choose an associate app. currently once a notification pops up, it’ll be as a bubble on your screen. a faucet that bubble, and you’ll see a tiny low version of that app overlaid atop your current screen. currently, you’ll be able to quickly perform associate action while not losing your home in what you were doing.


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