About the Android and her Benefits:

Android is an associate degree software system and programming platform developed by Google for mobile phones and alternative mobile devices, like tablets. It will run on many various devices from many various makers. automaton includes a package development kit (SDK) that helps you write original code and assemble package modules to make apps for automaton users. automaton conjointly provides a marketplace to distribute apps. all at once, the automaton represents an associate degree system for mobile apps.


A most popular platform for mobile apps

As the world’s preferred mobile platform, automation powers many countless mobile devices in additional than a hundred ninety countries around the world. it’s the biggest put-in base of any mobile platform and remains growing quick. each day another million users power up their Android-powered devices for the primary time and begin searching for apps, games, and alternative digital content.


Benefits of Android App:

Best expertise for app users

Android provides a touchscreen computer program (UI) for interacting with apps. Android’s UI is principally supported by direct manipulation. individuals use bit gestures like swiping, tapping, and pinching to govern on-screen objects. additionally to the keyboard, there is a customizable on-screen keyboard for text input. automaton also can support game controllers and lifesize physical keyboards connected by Bluetooth or USB.

It’s easy to develop apps

To develop apps that profit from the automaton software system and UI, use the automaton package development kit (SDK). The SDK includes package libraries of prewritten code, a debugger, a tool human, documentation, sample code, and tutorials. Use the SDK to make apps that look nice and profit from the hardware capabilities accessible on every Android-powered device.

Android App Development Accessories:

To develop apps exploitation the SDK, you utilize the Java artificial language to develop the app and protractile nomenclature (XML) files to explain information resources. By writing the code in Java and making one app binary, you produce an associate degree app which will run on each phone and pill type factors. you’ll declare your UI in lightweight sets of XML resources. as an example, produce one set for elements of the UI that area unit common to any or all type factors, and alternative sets for options specific to phones or tablets. At runtime, the automaton applies the proper resource sets supported by the device’s screen size, screen density, locale, and so on.

Apps: Your apps live at this level, together with core system apps for email, SMS electronic messaging, calendars, net browsing, and contacts.


Java API framework: All options for automaton development, like UI elements, resource management, and lifecycle management, area unit accessible through application programming interfaces (APIs). you do not get to recognize the main points of however the Apis work. you simply got to learn the way to use them.


Libraries and automaton runtime: every app runs in its own method, with its own instance of the automaton runtime. automaton includes a group of core runtime libraries that offer most of the practicality of the Java artificial language. several core automaton system elements and services area units engineered from native code that needs native libraries written in C and C++. These native libraries are units accessible to apps through the Java API framework.

Hardware abstraction layer (HAL): This layer provides commonplace interfaces that expose device hardware capabilities to the higher-level Java API framework. The HAL consists of multiple library modules, every one of them implements an associate degree interface for a particular variety of hardware elements, like the camera or Bluetooth module.


Linux kernel: the muse of the automaton platform is that the Linux kernel. The layers higher than the Linux kernel believe the Linux kernel for threading, low-level memory management, and alternative underlying practicality. employing a Linux kernel allows automaton to require advantage of Linux-based safety features and permits device makers to develop hardware drivers for a well-known kernel.

The challenges of automation app development

While the automation platform provides made practicality for app development, their area unit still a variety of challenges you would like to deal with, such as:

  • Building for a multiscreen world
  • Getting performance right
  • Keeping your code and your users safer
  • Making sure your app is compatible with older platform versions
  • Understanding the market and therefore the user
  • Maximizing app performance


An app’s performance is set by how briskly it runs, however simply it connects to the network, and the way well it manages battery and memory usage. Performance is stricken by factors like battery life, multimedia system content, and net access. bear in mind that some options you style for your app might cause performance issues for users. as an example, to avoid wasting the user’s battery power, alter background services only if they’re necessary.


Keeping your code and your users safer

You need to require precautions to form your code, and therefore the user’s expertise after they use your app, as secure as attainable.

Use tools like ProGuard, which is provided in automaton Studio. ProGuard detects and removes unused categories, fields, methods, and attributes.

Encrypt all of your app’s code and resources whereas packaging the app.

To protect crucial user data like logins and passwords, secure your communication to guard information in transit across the web, also as information at rest on the device.


Remaining compatible with older versions of automaton:

The automation platform continues to boost and supply new options you’ll raise your apps. However, you ought to make sure that your app will still run on devices with older versions of automaton. it’s impractical to focus solely on the foremost recent automaton version, as not all users might have upgraded or is also able to upgrade their devices. fortuitously automaton Studio provides choices for developers to a lot of simply stay compatible with older versions.


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